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It was a night just like any other night. My wife and I headed off to Chicago to attend the Chi-Chapter meeting and meet our friends. I was driving and found myself breaking my own personal best time for 140 miles start to stop in under 2 hours including 3 tolls. Since it was Valentines Day I had of course worn red and black. I wore a red above the knee suit with a bolero type jacket that had a white collar with black accents. I wore black hose and red pumps.

Before the meeting we met Carla and her spouse Connie at the hotel and car pooled over to the Bakers Square to hold a surprise party for Shayla, which was set up by her spouse Shirene. The 4 of us arrived there and got a table for 8 and sat down to wait for the guest of honor to arrive. The waitress was wonderful and never gave us a second glance, considering the fact that I was "dressed to the nine's" and Carla was no slouch either, we did stand out a bit. Of course my being 5'10 in bare feet and with those 3" heels, just over 6' tall I am sure we got our share of looks. I called the organizer of the party (another crossdresser named Chris) and found out when they were coming as they were very late at this point. We ordered after waiting a while for them to arrive and shortly thereafter Shayla and company made it. We called out "Surprise" as it was not apparent by her look that it was not as much of a surprise as it could have been since Chris was in the car with them and was telling me details! It was still fun to see and hear all "ladies' singing "happy birthday to you" with the rich baritone's and harmonious soprano from the spouses.


The party was fun and Shayla, got a free slice of pie for her birthday and some nice gifts from everyone. After dinner we all headed back to the hotel for the meeting. One thing I learned from riding in Carla's "chick car" is a tall gal is at the mercy of the back sear of a Toyota. My goodness was it cramped and I had to be extra careful to not show too much thigh as I tried to get in and out.

A short wile after we arrived at the meeting I had Rachel, who is a GW and wig vendor style my hair (I am lucky and I have my own locks). She did a great job and I was rather impressed at the results. Of course she used ½ a can of hair spray and enough bobby pins to build a replica of the Eiffel Tower, but I loved every minute of it.

The meeting was interesting. We had a local gender therapist discuss the CD and spouse bill of rights and after that there was our annual "Sweetheart pageant", where the crossdresser gets her chance to be in a pageant and the spouses are the judges.

I entered the pageant and it must have been rigged because I did not win even with a killer hairdo! Maybe it was the aircraft beacon lights Rachel had to install in my up-do to warn incoming aircraft to O'Hare airport that cost me the crown! Either way it does not matter as next year I will be victorious!

The judging took a long time and the meeting ended well after its official time of 11:00. We left around 12:00 AM to head back home. When I travel to meetings I always go en femme to and from. Tonight was no exception and with my cool new hairdo I was on cloud nine (even the traumatic loss at the pageant was behind me). We were on the road, about an hour when we got to I57.
Now you must understand, I come from New England (specifically South Eastern MA) and to be able to drive even the speed limit is a blessing! Now that I live in the Midwest with the vast flat lands that just beg for me to see if I can make the trip faster next time, I took advantage of the opportunity. So, with the cruise control in the old mini van set to 85 MPH I continued home. After about 40 minutes I noticed off to my left in the median strip, the fear all drivers encounter; 2 cruisers just waiting for a reason to enrich the coffers of the state budget, and with me in my best red outfit with my wife in the van I just knew it was not a good sign.


If there could be a good part to that it was that I was passing a semi truck at the time I noticed the 2 cruisers. I of course slowed down to 70 and within a few moments, one of the cruisers pulled out and followed me on the left for about a mile or so. All the time I was thinking, "Hmmm, maybe he just figured I was a gal who was just passing that truck." Well, soon enough the joy of red and blue lights were upon my tail. So of course I pulled over and got out my license and insurance card.


The officer stepped up to the passenger window and shone his light on us asking "license and proof of insurance ma'am." I loved that part! And produced my license and insurance cars as he asked if I knew how fast I was going. I sensed a trick question there as if I said no, I was not paying attention and Yes, I admit I am speeding. I fudged it a bit and said I was not sure as I was passing the truck at the time. Of course with the cruise control on, I knew how fast (sort of right) I was going.


The officer informed me with "you were going 83 miles per hour ma'am and we talked about passing the truck and such. He continued to address me as ma'am during the entire stop. After the usual questions and answers he said "and you were wearing your seatbelts right… RIGHT" We smiled and said yes and put them on of course. While he was "checking for priors" my wife and I were kidding about how we could make a run for it and be in the next "wild police chases." I could picture the grainy video image of a really tall lady trying to make a break for it in the muddy corn fields with my shoes sinking in to the mud as I tried to escape the inevitable. Somehow, cooler heads prevailed and I did not make a break for it. We kidded around a bit more and eventually the officer came back and to our surprise said "ma'am, I knocked down your speed to make it look good for my boss" and gave me a warning and not a ticket. He said to slow down and drive safe and we were off and on our way. I asked my wife if I should "punch it" and leave tire tracks, and we laughed and decided that was not a good idea considering he caught us the first time.


We finally got home after what seemed an eternity. It is funny how slow 70 can feel when one travels that fast. I dropped my wife off at home and headed to my downtown office that I rent just for Rae Louise. It will eventually be a chapter office, but for now it is my storage facility and dressing room. I changed and proceeded to undo my wonderful hair-do. That took some time as I think Rachel has a degree in engineering or some mechanical science as it took a good 20 minutes to turn my hair back into some semblance of its former self. I will admit I miss my hair style and I'd love to learn how to do it myself.


I finally got home about 2:30 AM and before I went to bed I looked at the warning the officer issued me. He had lowered my speed to 74MPH, which I figure was 1 mile below the threshold they have for giving a ticket.


I am still wondering if he thought I was a gal until he read my name on the license.
A person can dream I guess huh!