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The day started out as a typical weekend in the big city for me. I left my house with more luggage than should be required for a 24 hour visit to any town, but I had Rae Louise packed. Those breast form boxes themselves take up ½ my suitcase! Ahh the things we must suffer through to be beautiful!

I arrived at the hotel about 1:00PM, about an hour before my friends Rae Ann and her

spouse Pat were to arrive and the first thing I noticed was the place was "crawling" with people. Apparently there was a huge function going on involving the local Catholic Diocese the same night as our Tri-Ess meeting. This could be fun I thought as I checked in, headed to the room and started to unpack. I remembered teasing my wife with "honey it is only a 3 day visit, you don't need all those clothes," as I hung 2 dresses, a skirt suit and my "informal outfit" for shopping during my overnight trip. I suppose I should mention 4 wigs, 2 pair of shoes and extra pantyhose! I no longer tease her about that.

Before I got ready I called my friend Carla, who was hoping to go shopping with myself and some friends before the meeting. We chatted for a while and I found out she could not make it this time. We agreed on a time to meet later so she and Laury (another friend) could do those last minute preparations like repainting fingernails and finding a way to make a shoe fit a bit better.

I put on a simple denim skirt and cotton top with flats and a nice wig that has a built in head band. My makeup was simple for the daytime and I watched TV for a little while waiting for them to arrive and get ready.

Rae Ann, Pat and I went out for lunch before Rae Ann changed. We usually go to local restaurant called J. Alexander's. It is great food and friendly service. After lunch, Pat and I decided to go shopping alone, as Rae Ann was getting ready for the meeting. Tonight was the Spring Fling dinner dance and everyone would be dressed to the nine's as they say. Rae Anne wanted to have extra time to look her best. We went to Avenue so Pat could pick up some Capri's and tops for Rae Ann. While there I found a cute outfit and bought it for my wife. Next stop was Shoe Carnival, where I had hoped to find a more comfortable pair of flats. No luck today, so we headed off to K-Mart as Pat needed a slip and some static guard, and we were off to the hotel to get ready.

Back at the hotel I prepared to change into my dress for the night. I had 2 choices. One was a shimmery black with silver highlights, spaghetti straps and just below the knee. The other was black velvet, to the floor with a long slit and v neck. I opted for the shorter one. I got dressed, redid my makeup by adding a bit more drama for nighttime, changed

my wig and applied my nails. I put on what I jokingly call my "dagger" nails. They are very long and pointed and I can not imagine how gals wear them for days at a time. I had a hard enough time doing simple tasks. Not too long after this, Carla and Laury arrived and they freshened up before we went to meet Rae Ann and Pat.

Getting to the Spring Fling is easy when you are in the hotel. You simply go through the main lobby and down the stairs to the meeting room. It gets more fun when the building is full of people attending a Catholic Church sponsored event the same weekend. There were nuns and priests and parishioners everywhere. We all smiled at them as we got the usual quizzical look of "my, but they are some tall gal's. Eh Martha?". Before and during dinner we were treated to beautiful music by a sister from Chicago Gender Society playing a During the dinner/dance more than one delegate from the other event found his or her way down the stairs to our meeting. We were all quite gracious and helped them find the correct meeting room for what they were looking for.

Dinner was wonderful and of course non fattening. Well, if you eat it in tiny bites then the calories don't count right? That is the excuse my mom used to use and I never believed it then either. After dinner we were treated to Cheesecake and entertainment from a local transgendered singer/songwriter before we danced all those calories off.

On Sunday morning's when I stay over for a meeting I usually head to the swimming pool and hot tub about 5:30 AM before getting ready for church at a local MCC congregation I have grown to know and love. This is usually a good time to come as there are no children there and I can go en femme without scaring people. I usually go with my friend Pat (the wife of Rae Ann) and we sit in the hot tub and gab, or lounge around in the pool and gab, or both. This morning we both were feeling the effects of too much dancing and I, having spent the better part of 6 hours in 4.5"heels needed the benefits of that hot tub a lot! I went in a nice 1 piece suit with my forms glued into an upright and closed position place and other things properly stowed and headed to the hot tub.

Pat and I were there for perhaps 30 minutes when a young lady came in the pool area and shortly joined us in the hot tub. We both wondered what she would be thinking here as I was ½ way between looking feminine and masculine (no wig, or makeup on). Well, she started chatting with us and within a few minutes we knew she was ok with a


Crossdresser in the pool. She was part of the Catholic event and during our conversation she told us that she was planning on becoming a nun. We also learned that she has a good friend who is a crossdresser. .She was very concerned for him as she had heard that crossdressing was a sin from the church and of course she felt it on a personal level as they were good friends and so forth. We discussed crossdressing and the Bible for a good hour as well as how the transgender community seeks understanding and acceptance I was surprised at her candor talking about things at times. She spoke freely with Pat and I and at several spots in our chat mentioned how she felt that perhaps it was God's divine guidance that brought these groups together so she could meet us.

We parted ways around 7:00 AM and I left her one of my chapter business cards at the front desk as I did not have them in my swim suit. She has not yet got back to me, but I hope she does as she was a wonderful lady and I know she will make an impact on the world, the church and the gender community that she has a heart for.

I got ready for church that morning with a different attitude. Knowing I was given the chance to talk open and honestly to someone who really wants to make a change in the world and has a deep love for spiritual things as well as hopefully a better understanding of her crossdressing brothers and sisters.