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The October TRI-ESS meeting could not come quicker for me this month. After all it was October and that means Halloween and Halloween means costumes and that turns me into a little kid again.

In September I had started planning the "costume to end all costumes" and I had it all. I was going as a "little girl." I had the perfect dress thanks to eBay, the accessories thanks to the local thrift store and dance supplier, the shoes thanks to my daughter with really big feet haaha and even the Shirley Temple wig just for my costume. A week before the party, I had packed everything up and hung up my dress in the closet so it would not wrinkle.

That morning I got up at 5:30, packed the car with more luggage than should be needed for an overnight jaunt, but what CDER travels light? By 7:30 I was changed and heading off to the Windy City. I arrived plenty early at the hotel and checked in enfemme. Not an eyebrow was raised when I arrived and the bellhop quickly said, "let me help you with those bags miss." I smiled and said thanks. The room I had was still occupied as I had an early checking and he was very helpful in getting me another room.  He got a good tip for his trouble, as the room was an adjoining room for my sister and her spouse.

I unpacked and that is when I realized that the costume I had picked was a sure winner except for one small but very important detail.  The dress was 3 hours south and still quite wrinkle free hanging in my closet. I sighed and figured destiny must have wanted it this way, either that or I am loosing my memory! So much for wowing my sisters with my creative side I guess for this year at least. I freshened up my makeup and such and waited for my sisters to arrive.  Rae Ann and Pat arrived about 11:00 and we exchanged hugs and greetings then Pat and I waited and chatted as Rae Ann emerged out of her male self.

After Rae and I had Pat touch up those tough areas like our faces haaha, we went on our shopping trip to Sky Scraper heels in Chicago. Pat asked me to drive because I guess she wanted to see if the rumors about Massachusetts drivers were true (I am a transplanted New Englander living in East Central IL) and all I will say is in Massachusetts traffic laws are simply suggestions haaha. (only kidding, really!!).

We arrived at Sky Scrappers and went in to look around. Sky Scrapper also sells corsets and some more "extreme" styles of shoes that apparently cater to the fetish community, however we were looking for heels we could walk in! There were a few customers there trying on shoes and one of them, a lovely GG was trying on boots and ultimately decided to buy a corset. I mention that because she modeled it for us (over her blouse of course) after the owner laced her in. We were all sold on the quality of the corsets and the skill of the lace job haha. In fact, Rae Ann had come here with the idea of getting a corset and she wound up buying one and it does a wonderful job with her figure as well. We both bought lovely black pumps and Pat tried on a few pair of shoes but could not find what she wanted. 

We left the store and headed back to the hotel to change for dinner at 4:30 with another sister and her spouse. Of course Rae Ann needed to wear her new corset and so Pat and I worked together to lace her in and make sure she did not pass out in the process! No, it was not that tight, but it did give her a lovely shape.  I wore a new corset I got from eBay made out of white rubber with a cloth backing. I wore a new yellow dress with navy blue floral print and matching navy jacket with my new pumps. Rae Ann wore a lovely light blue print blouse/skirt set and Pat wore slacks and a silk poncho and a lovely red wig. 

We went to a restaurant called J. Alexander's near the hotel and met our friends Nicole and her wife Karen.  We sat down and after ordering just chatted about everything from boats to fashion.

Dinner was wonderful, but Rae and I had a little less than normal, as the corsets were a "tad" tight. Haha. The price we pay to look good I guess.  Pat and I get along very well and all night I was teasing her about "passing." Telling her she "almost passes," and if she used a good beard cover she could hide that shadow. I got nudged a few times in the process, but it was worth it as we all smiled and laughed and enjoyed each other's company. The wait staff was very pleasant and never once referred to us as anything but "ladies," which was a wonderful experience.

After dinner we all left and headed to the meeting. Again, no stares or bad words were heard by any of us as we confidently walked out to our car. The meeting crowd was a little lighter than usual as there were a few other TG events going on in the area that night and some of the sisters were not there. It did not matter as we still had a good meeting and nominated people for all offices within the chapter as well as some volunteer positions. I volunteered to work on the web page as well as a greeter.

We had a special speaker who is just finishing her masters in counseling. She goes this week for her license test as a matter of fact. She is very interested in TG issues and has plans to try hard to help the community in all areas and on all levels. That was very inspiring.

After her presentation he costume judging took place. We had some great costumes, but I still think "little girl Rae" was a shoo-in for a bag of trinkets! The winner was a sister who made her own "playboy bunny" costume out of a long line black bra, lycra brief and some great sewing ability. It was fun for sure for everyone.  

After the meeting, we wanted to head out to a quiet nightspot called "Dixons," which is a gay owned restaurant/bar.  Of course Rae and I changed again into more "night on the town" outfits and Pat opted to keep her meeting outfit on. The dress I chose was form fitting and quite short. Not a "going to Church dress" I guess J and I was pleased with the look the corset and other "assistants" provided me.  Rae Ann decided to change out of her corset for comfort, but if I did I'd never fit into my dress oh well. J  Dixons was quiet and we had a small snack, a glass of wine and conversation. About 1:30, we decided to head back to the hotel and get to bed, after all Pat and I had a date with the pool at 5:30 AM. 

Morning came too quickly and after 3 hours sleep I could have killed the alarm clock, but I suppressed the urge and staggered out of bed and showered, and slipped into my suit for our rendezvous with the Hotel's lap pool and hot tub. The reason we went so early is because I knew there would be no children and quiet at 5:30 or so in the morning. It was quiet and Pat and I enjoyed the pool and hot tub lounging around like sisters chatting about all sorts of fun topics from girl talk to cooking (we both love to cook) to husband/wife relationships and even crossdresing believe it or not haahaa. While we were lounging in the hot tub a few people including a hotel maintenance worker came around. We smiled and continued our chitchat, letting the tub slowly wake us up. We hopped in the pool after the hot tuba and yikes that was a temperature change! It took a few moments to stop shivering and enjoy the water. This is when a husband and wife came in and slipped into the hot tub. They never looked at the 2 ladies in the shallow end of the pool talking and laughing and playing like little kids. 


After we determined that we were wrinkled like raisin's we headed back to our hotel rooms to change for church. If you recall my last weekend report, I make it a policy to attend church as Rae Louise whenever I am in Chicago for the weekend.   Pat and Rae also joined me in worshiping. I teased Pat a little because she was wearing slacks and Rae Ann and I wore dresses and heels.  Pat just smiled, nudged me and we laughed even more.  We arrived just in time for service after thinking we missed the street for the church.  Walking in to the building Rae Ann and I met a lot of familiar faces from the last visit and we were welcomed with many hugs and handshakes from true Christian friends.

Church was beautiful as always and this time Rae Louise did not cry the entire service, but as able to make it almost all the way to the end before the tears started. It was the song I have sung for years as a Christian that suddenly touched my soul.Something Beautiful is the title and the words we sang are:


Something beautiful
Something good
All my confusion, He understood
All I had to offer Him was brokenness
and strife
But He made something beautiful out of my life

Church was beautiful as always and this time Rae Louise did not cry the entire service, but as able to make it almost all the way to the end before the tears started. It was the song I have sung for years as a Christian that suddenly touched my soul. 

I sang that after communion and tears were streaming down my eyes knowing once again that God had found a way to tell Rae Louise she is special in His eyes. I composed myself and we met the minister after church and chatted for a while before heading back for brunch and checkout of the hotel.

Brunch was great, but wow was it expensive! We enjoyed ourselves and I felt very confident walking up to the buffet a few times for various things to eat. No bad stares or comments from anyone and the waiter as very friendly and made us "ladies" feel right at home. 

The hour had finally come and I needed to head back home as did Rae Ann and Pat.  Rae Ann called for a bellhop to bring down an awful lot of luggage for 3 people and one night (haaha) and we checked out of the hotel enfemme.  Before we did, we made reservations for November as I will be celebrating my 20th wedding there with my wife and it "just happens" to be on a weekend of a TRI-ESS meeting. What are the odds? (grin)

Pat, Rae Ann and I hugged goodbye and headed out separate ways. 

As I drove home, I reflected on the weekend and how comfortable I was with myself as Rae as well as my friends. My confidence is continuing to rise and I do not feel awkward at all most of the time. This is because of my TRI-ESS sisters I know and all the love and support I get from them in helping Rae Louise emerge from a cocoon that has held her for too many years.